2 Day Live Training: From #1 National Bestselling Author and Child Behavior Expert, Bryan Post as featured in…
Post Parenting Camp 2019 
2 Day Intensive
August 16 & 17th, Oklahoma City, OK
Have you ever wondered if you are the only parent struggling with your child's behaviors? Well you are not alone and I want to invite you to spend 2 full days with me other parents just like you learning what it takes to create a breakthrough in your home.
“I am a husband and a father of a biological 12 year old son and an adopted 8 year old daughter. I came to this event because my wife really wanted me to. I came thinking it might be good for me to help parent my daughter. I am leaving the conclusion of this boot camp not only with the knowledge needed to begin helping my daughter, but also, and perhaps more importantly, I am ready to go back home and start improving my relationship with my son and my wife.”
--R.D., Texas
*The 2 Day Post Parenting Camp is unlike any parent training currently being offered. This event is free for Lifetime LOVEoluion Members ($395 Value). To become a Lifetime LOVEolution member visit https://www.newparentingloveolution.com once you are a member you can confirm your attendance  to the 2 Day Intensive.
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The Surefire Way to Know…
What every other professional has been telling you about your child that is most likely making your relationship worse…

Why your child seems so easily overwhelmed with the simplest of requests…

How to help your child melt into your arms and tell you exactly what is underneath their problem behaviors…
“Let me take this time to express that this experience has been one of the most helpful things in the whole adoption process. Knowing that there are other people out there that are dealing with the same stuff is incredible. The inner calm and peace that you achieve alone, is worth the time and energy.”
--J.C., Oklahoma
“All I can say is ‘WOW!’ You all are incredible and the work you are doing is so needed. I wish I had found this work 30 years ago. Thank you for everything."
--K.L., Texas
“Thank You! This was a life changing event. The butterfly is emerging from the cocoon. My life and my children’s lives will never be the same. May God bless you and your team as you work to bring peace, love and acceptance to all in need.”
--G.M., California

“Of all the conferences and schooling and psychotherapy and psychoanalysis (!!) this experience has been the most powerful. This is the beginning of a new life. I thank you and my daughter will thank you. With immense gratitude.”
 --J.J., California

“After four years of fighting my son, my heart was filled with hurt, sorrow, and pain to the point there was no room left for love. At the end of the boot camp, I actually feel joy! Imagine, joy in my heart again; a desire to love and give to my son again.”
--D.M., Kentucky 
“The Post Institute Parent Boot Camp will change your life. Not only will it change the way you relate to your children but to how you relate to others in the world. You can’t afford to not attend this event.”
--J.P., Virginia
Over the course of 2 days, parents, like you, will come together to work with Bryan Post and his professionally trained team. The mission of the POST Parenting Camp is to promote healing in families. Most parents who attend the Intensive POST Parenting Camp are feeling at the end of their rope. 

They feel exhausted, hopeless, and tired of feeling blamed and misunderstood. They are scared for their children, and often times scared of their children. The Parenting Camp is designed to give parents the tools to return to their families and begin the journey to healing. 
 Excerpt: "In this exercise we are going to get out of your head and into your body. The problem with any parenting seminar is that they are all conducted from a cognitive framework yet the very essence of parenting is emotional. So we are going to get emotional. If you want to reach your child's heart you have to be able to get out of your head and into your body...into the vibration...the emotion of the moment. That is where healing takes place. No words. Breathing into your body, connecting and bringing that vibration to life. That's where we want to go."
During the 2 Day Post Parenting Intensive you will expereince...
  •  Receive more than 18 hours of the most intense and educational family-oriented, parent training that you cannot find anywhere else in the country!
  • Free, Live, Group webinars following the actual training. Your learning will continue even after the event is over. 
  •  Get empowered with everything you'll ever need to know for being an advocate for your child in school!
  • You will be able to experience the deepest sense of relief when you are finally able to move beyond Guilt! 
  • Learn why Blame is the first corner in a Dysfunctional life and family! 
  • Learn how you, NOT your therapist, can be the primary catalyst to change for your child! 
  • Learn why conventional therapy will cost you years of time, tears, and tantrums. 
  • Learn how to create the Therapeutic Environment "Healing without Therapy!" 
  • When you walk into your home after this experience you will never look at your child the same again, ever! 
  • Get empowered with everything you'll ever need to know for being an advocate for your child in school! 
  • Find out why traditional education may be doing more harm for 
  • your child than good. 
  •  Restore the spark in your marriage, even if it's been missing for years!
  •  And much MUCH more…
Check Out What Past Attendees Have To Say...

What a radical departure from what we have learned up until now about Reactive Attachment Disorder and recommended therapy. You present a much more logical, compassionate, less confrontational, and more understandable approach than anything else we’ve learned. It appears to have a greater positive potential in effecting change in both the child and the parents. Thank you for all the time and commitment you’ve given to us directly and our child indirectly.”

--C.R, Colorado

“I would and will recommend your parent boot camp to parents, counselors, teachers, principals, and anyone who has contact with difficult children. Thank you Post Institute, you may have saved our family!”

—D.G., Virginia

“I want to tell parents that they need to make every effort to come to this parent training boot camp. I went to school for eighteen years of my life. I have gone to educational seminars, I have read, and studied so much information. But, in three days I have never taken in so much and been so excited about putting into practice what I have learned. This will help any parent in any situation. I am convinced about that because you are the one that makes the change in your life in order to help your children and family. I learned so much about myself and my son. I got just what I wanted, needed, and prayed for. I have hope now that we can move forward and make progress. Thank God!” 
–T.M., Kentucky

–T.M., Kentucky

“There is a part of me that thinks ‘I can’t do that,’ or ‘I can’t let him do that’ with this training. But, I know in the depths of my being that the behavior techniques I have learned during the boot camp are the compassionate way and would be the way of my Lord, Jesus toward my son.” 
–S.G., Texas 

- Marianne N.
Adoptive Parent

DATE: August 16th and 17th
- 2 Full Days
Day One: 8am - 8pm
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Served)
Day Two: 8am - 6pm
(Breakfast and Lunch Served)
 Location: Conveniently located at the Wyndham Garden Oklahoma City Airport. Shuttle transportation to and from airport. Indoor pool plus access to local restaurants.

 COST: *$295 per Individual or *$495 per couple (up to 2 children included at no additional charge).
 Lifetime Loveolution Members attend for free. Visit https://www.newparentingloveolution.com today to become a member.
 Read One Families Story of How the Post Parenting Camp Changed Their Lives...
 Here's just one of many incredible stories we've received from past parents who've attended the Post Parenting Camp...
Our Child has had an absolutely incredible miracle happen in his life!  

Before he went through Bryan Post’s program, he was on several medications for diagnosed mental illnesses. It was being recommended that our child be placed in a mental institution for at least a year or two because he was so
out of control and nothing was helping. The school was threatening to send him to an alternative school. He was constantly lying, cheating, stealing and trying to hurt his younger brother. We even had to lock up items that we use on a daily basis, i.e.: kitchen knifes, scissors, razors, etc., so that he wouldn’t be able to hurt himself or his younger brother. Life was completely impossible! We knew that our child had severe problems due to being sexually abused in his younger years. We just weren’t able to help him. He was seeing both a psychologist and a psychiatrist, conventional therapy just wasn’t helping and he had been seeing them for several years. We had our doubts that anything would help. Seeking help through Bryan has been the very best thing we could have even imagined. Our child immediately stopped harming himself and his brother, as well as, has not lied, stolen, or cheated since last June of 2004, when we went through Bryan’s program! After the boot camp we were even inspired to get our child off of his psychiatric medicines. With the support of our psychiatrist we were able to get our child off of all the drugs he was on and he hasn’t been back on them since. He doesn’t need them. It has been a whole year and not one incident has occurred! It’s absolutely unbelievable! His behavior is excellent! He is a very loving, kind-hearted, gentle child. The work that Bryan is doing in these children’s lives is remarkable. He is completely changing their road ahead and giving them an outstanding future for their life. Bryan is the best I’ve ever seen and unfortunately I’ve seen a lot!

Sincerely, Alyson and Steven Umfrid

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